What is the best season for plastic surgery?

The recovery period after plastic surgery is a dynamic process that lasts for months. Although the signs of recovery disappear after the first 1,5 months, the changes in the tissue persist for another 4-6 months. For this reason, we, as plastic surgeons, prefer the end of winter and spring months for cosmetic surgery, especially on the face. Of course, since nowadays our work and house environments can easily be provided with optimum temperatures, we are able to perform aesthetic surgical procedures at any time in line with our patients’ request.

Apart from this medical reality, we are fortunate that more of our patients apply to us during spring, especially when the desire to achieve the ideal body image is more prominent before the summer. Thus, a win-win situation arises for both the plastic surgeon and the patient during these months: the patients get the body image they want before summer, while we achieve optimum seasonal conditions for tissue healing.

The procedures we encounter with the most increase in demand during spring are breast augmentation, body shaping (regional liposuction, creating abdominal muscle with Hi-Def lipo etc.) and gynecomastia in male patients – the correction of breast size in men. Similarly, we see an increase in demand in the procedures involving facial regions; for nose and face-neck rejuvenation operations, although not as much as the procedures I’ve mentioned previously.

Although there are no alternative solutions for breast augmentation and gynecomastia apart from surgery, I strongly recommend diet and exercise to every patient seeking body shaping. I believe, no surgery can replace the gains that are achieved by natural means. However, I recommend and apply these surgical operations to my patients who does not have enough time for diet or exercise, or who cannot achieve their desired image even with diet and exercise. Again, I discuss the essentiality of maintaining a fixed body weight with my patients who will receive body reshaping operations, especially for those who will have abdominal muscle creation surgery. If the patient is unable to maintain her current weight or is uncomfortable and wants to change her current weight, I will never hesitate to postpone the surgery until she reaches her desired weight; because body shaping surgeries can be affected by postoperative weight changes and the results may be unsatisfactory.


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